The Most Beautiful Typeface

Diploma degree project, AFAD Bratislava 2019

About the topic

Beauty and typography is not the usual connection. In my diploma project I did a long research in both aesthetics and typography trying to find the answer what beauty means, why is it important and how is it connected and applied to typography.

About the design

I soon found out that the question of real beauty is unanswerable, it’s still an open topic, that’s why I chose for the result publication flexible binding to metaphoricly express this idea. I also wanted it to be an interactive book that can contribute to both laics and designers.
The book is separeted to 7 chapters – Why beauty matters, Beautiful form, Beautiful spirit, Beautiful purpose, Moral beauty, Beauty objective vs. subjective, Beauty eternal vs. fashionable. Each chapter can be read on 4 levels: for the laziest there’s a big name of the chapter plus a quote that best describes the topic inside. Then there is a main text part and then for those who want to go even deeper, there are smaller pages with all the academic quotations and resources. For ambitious practitioners there is an aid at the end that can be helpful if they decide to try designing their own typeface based on the concrete chapter.
All the design decissions were made based on various aesthetic theories I learned in the process.